Kim Kardashian's favorite handbag

Oh, How Kim Kardashian Loves Her Hermes Birkin Handbag!


Kim Kardashian owns tons of handbags and she does switch around in order to accessorize every single outfit to absolute perfection. However, her heart belongs to her Hermes Birkin Bag, which has done double-duty as a diaper bag in the past!


This elegant purse retails for a whopping fifty thousand dollars. Usually, those who want to buy Birkin bags need to go on a waiting list for a while before they get their wish! Distribution for these bags is something that luxury brand, Hermes, keeps tight control of, hence the waiting list. The bags were named for 60s icon, Jane Birkin, who had carefree, Bohemian style, as well as tons of natural beauty!


Each bag requires eighteen to twenty-four hours of construction via Hermes' skilled artisans.


However, it's safe to say that someone like Kim K. may be able to "jump the line" and avoid the usual wait times!


Kim Believes in the Birkin


Kim expressed her love for her Birkin bag via her own website. She let her website visitors know that she loves the roominess of this bag, because its inner dimensions (these handbags come in four different sizes) gave her enough space to stash away her daughter North's diapers and snacks when her little girl was very little.


While many "regular" moms rely on cheap diaper bags from Carter's or other non-luxury brands in order to carry what they need for their babies, Kim preferred to use a 50k bag in order to ensure that her baby girl's needs were met on the go!


Perhaps she did the same for her son, Saint, when he was just a baby!


In addition to storing cheese snacks for North, as well as clean diapers, she carried all of her own essentials in her Birkin.


Clearly, this handbag made Kim's life easier during a very busy phase. Whether we're rich or not, caring for infants or older babies is tiring and stressful, although it's wonderful, too. The key to handling the challenges is a positive spirit, as well as the highest degree of daily and nightly organization possible!


Since Kim wears many hats as a reality TV star, wife, mother, social media sensation and entrepreneur, it's safe to say that she knows how to stay organized.


How to Get a Birkin


You don't necessarily need to spend fifty thousand bucks in order to score a Birkin bag of your own! However, prices start at $7,650 and go up to US $150,000. Find a used bag online to "jump the line" (make sure it's not a counterfeit first!) or head for an Hermes boutique in order to try and get on the waiting list!