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Kim Kardashian's favorite handbag

Kim Kardashian owns tons of handbags and she does switch around in order to accessorize every single outfit to absolute perfection. However, her heart belongs to her Hermes Birkin Bag, which has done double-duty as a diaper bag in the past!

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Hope you love my choice of bags

If you want the sort of handbag that gets envious glances from fashionistas, you should know that we offer the world's trendiest handbags at our website! Our online boutique is reputable, established and fun to shop at! We help women to find the handbags of the moment...which are often the handbags of their dreams!

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How to match white handbags

White handbags are gorgeous. They look so fresh and they are available in a host of different sizes. It's totally appropriate to carry white handbags after Labor Day, (it's white shoes that you're supposed to avoid, although we personally prefer to break the rules when it comes to fashion!), so you're safe toting around a white handbag all year long!

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