How to match white handbags

White Handbags Go with Outfits and Shoes of Many Different Textures

White handbags are gorgeous. They look so fresh and they are available in a host of different sizes. It's totally appropriate to carry white handbags after Labor Day, (it's white shoes that you're supposed to avoid, although we personally prefer to break the rules when it comes to fashion!), so you're safe toting around a white handbag all year long!


Today, we'd like to show you just how practical and stylish a white handbag can be! We're going to do this by showing you the best way to match a white handbag to outfits and shoes of different textures.


White is Perfect With Faded Denim


If you want a casual look, like an off-duty model would wear to the airport or while on holiday, then consider carrying your white handbag while you're wearing faded jeans. Faded denim has such a soft texture and you may pair it with a simple t-shirt in your preferred color, or a loose "boyfriend shirt" in cream or black.


To finish the look, consider donning a pair of ballet flats in a dark or neutral color. A white handbag will elevate the look and make it pop. You'll have relaxed style which is really modern and appealing.


White Works With Primary Colors


If you have a bright suit or jacket and you want to find a handbag which sets off your jacket to perfection, you should definitely consider a white handbag. White is a great foil for primary colors and jewel tones. It offers a bit of welcome contrast, without competing with bright tones.


For example, a Chanel-style jacket in a berry shade, which has plenty of rich texture, thanks to tweed, chains and ribbons, may be worn with black ballet flats, a black pencil skirt and a fresh white handbag.


White Adds Life to Darker Outfits


We all "dress dark" frequently. Dark shades are slimming as well as sophisticated. If you frequently wear black, navy or charcoal, you should know that adding a white handbag will lend a welcome touch of light and brightness to your look. Contrast is always essential and a white handbag will deliver!


An example outfit might be a nubby, oversized modernist sweater in a dark grey, with navy, wide-legged trousers and simple, flat, menswear-inspired shoes, such as Brogues. Add a big white bag with clean lines and no embellishments...then prepare to dazzle in a subtle way!


Find the Right Handbag Today


Style is personal. It's a reflection of who we are right now. If you want your own style to evolve and become a perfect reflection of your current self, we encourage you to invest in a white handbag today. We offer gorgeous styles in different shapes and sizes, at an array of price points. 


When you choose us, you'll be choosing an established and reputable online retail outlet. You'll love our prices, selection and quality, as well as our caring and professional customer service.


Once you get your new white handbag, be sure to try one or more of the outfit ideas that we talked about here. We know that you'll look wonderful in any of them!