Adidas A980 00 6053 Jaw Sunglasses Polished White with Black Lens for Tweens


Brand Adidas

ShopUnder proudly presents these brand new functional and stylish Adidas A980 00 6053 Jaw Sunglasses which are available direct from our warehouse at an incredibly low discounted clearance price. In addition to keeping you on the cutting edge of fashion  these Adidas Sunglasses utilize a plastic frame which is designed to be lightweight and durable  insuring a snug and secure fit during strenuous and demanding athletic activity.  The Adidas Sunglasses lens technology is also a design and engineering marvel in that they are constructed with extremely strong lightweight plastic materials while retaining a sharp and polished look. In addition to being easy on the eyes  the Adidas lenses provide 100 percentage UV protection from the sun's harmful rays.  The Adidas A980-00-6053 sporty Wrap Sunglasses provide an appealing polished white and black colored frame  a stunning pattern resembling shark's teeth around the circumference of the frame. This shark tooth pattern is white set on black  providing a clear contrast between the two. There arms to these Adidas Sunglasses have a sharp looking engraved ribbed pattern. The magnificently tinted black colored lenses perfectly compliment this extraordinary and bold frame design. These Adidas Athletic Sunglasses which are smaller in size for youths will have you taking a bit out of the competition.    This particular model of Adidas Sunglasses ships direct from the ShopUnder Warehouse with Adidas' black sunglasses case  lens cleaning cloth and manufacturer's documentation. Stay Foxy!